Re.Verso - Values in Science

Branding policy

Any yarn, fabric, knitwear or other textile application marketed or sold as Re.Verso™ product, must:

1 Meet industry quality and performance standards.
2 Be made of at least 50% Re.Verso™
3 The following mixed materials are approved:

• Mixed Re.Verso™ and up to 50% (in weight) natural or organic fibers.

• Mixed Re.Verso™ and up to 50% (in weight) renewable fibers (Lyocel, Ingeo, Soy, Milkofil, etc.)

• Mixed Re.Verso™ with recycled materials.

• Mixed Re.Verso™ and up to 10% (in weight) of spandex/elastomeric polyurethane when specifically used for obtaining elasticity in the fabric

• Mixed Re.Verso™ and up to 30% (in weight) of synthetic fibers when used for specific technical qualities of the fabric.

• Other mixed materials can be accepted as exceptions for Re.Verso™ based on an evaluation of the performance qualities required by the product.

Re.Verso™ retains the right to evaluate any and all exceptions in relation to the use of the trademark based on technical applications

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