Re.Verso - Values in Science

Description and technical performance

Re.Verso™ is the first and only platform for the re-engineering wool and cashmere materials for fashion. Created and developed in Italy by a group of companies who lead the way in this field, Re.Verso™ focus on innovative, quality assured textile companies whose dedicated research and development program is designed to produce not only high quality, beautiful fabrics, but also ameliorate and improve their production chain, reducing raw materials waste and offering a completely honest and traceable “Made in Italy” range of products.

• High quality products at 360°, innovative and with a look&feel that is always speci• High product quality standards, rigorous control of the selection process often carried out by hand.

• An eco-responsible innovation system that guarantees significantmlessened energy and environmental impact.

• Total traceability and transparency in the process: from the gathering of pre-consumer materials all the way to the Re.Verso™ products.

• Born in Italy: Re.Verso™ re-engineered wool comes from prime materials “born” in Italy.

• The possibility for brands and retailers to be a part of this virtuous circular economy by conferring their own pre-consumer woven, knitted fabric or knitwear offcuts to Green Line’s recovery system with specific ad hoc projects where they can even choose to use their own offcuts for high-performing new products they themselves will commercialize.

• Experience and know-how: Re.Verso™ is the result of the technical knowledge and experience of long-standing, respected Italian companies.

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