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Environmental Performance

Re.Verso™ is the brand of a new, fully transparent, certified and traceable Italian textile system intended for wool and cashmere. The integrated supply chain can boast incredible savings in terms of:
energy (-76%),
water (-89%) and
CO2 emissions (-96%),
as certified by the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) study led by PRIMA Q (datas refer to wool).
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Click HERE to download the leftover disposal policy of Re.Verso™

Nuova Fratelli Boretti is certified GRS:
43 certificati

The Re.Verso™ platform was included as best practice example in the following reports:
Green Italy 2015
Green Italy 2016
100 Italian circular Economy Stories
by Enel-Symbola
Risultati immagini per green italy rapporto 2015
Risultati immagini per green italy rapporto 2016

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