Re.Verso - Values in Science

The new Re.Verso collection fall/winter 2016-2017

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The company will be presenting its latest products at this year's edition of Première Vision, including the new Re.Verso™ created fabrics. These items are in both plain colors and mélanges, printed and structural woven fabrics for coatings and new Meltons, as well as washed finishes and the finest fabrics created with cashmere and baby camel.

Last but not least: we are pleased to announce that some Re.Verso™ cashmere fabrics by A. Stelloni Collection by Mapel for fall/winter 2015/16 were selected as the material of choice for some parts of the mens, womens and childrenswear GUCCI collection which has been, available in stores since May 2015.

The yarns and textiles created with the Re.Verso™ system come with a unique technology and innovation, allowing the most creative designers and brands to design their new collections and accessories with these distinctive, unique and SMART textiles.

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